Choosing the Right Weighted Blanket For Your Child

Choosing the Right Weighted Blanket For Your Child

Posted by Alex Gelfand on

A weighted blanket can offer a lot of benefits for kids and adults alike — everything from helping with ADHD to better sleep, and so much more. But choosing a blanket that is too light means missing out on the full efficacy of those benefits. On the other hand, going too heavy doesn’t provide extra benefits; a too-heavy weighted blanket can actually hinder those benefits just as much as a too-light blanket. So what's the "Goldilocks" solution? Choosing the best weighted blanket for kids can be tough, but follow this easy guide and we'll direct you to the right fit for your kiddo (and yourself). 

Finding the Right Weight

Arguably the most important factor to any weighted blanket is choosing the right amount of weight. For adults, you'll commonly see weighted blankets that range from 10–30 lbs. For kids, you can also find blankets somewhere in the range of 5–10 lbs. The reason for this is because the right weight for the best kids weighted blanket will be based off the user's body weight. More specifically, the weighted blanket weight should be somewhere in the range of 10–20% of the user's weight. So, for an adult that is around 150 lbs, a 15 lb weighted blanket would be ideal. 

For kids, though, this gets a bit trickier because they are smaller, and also because they are still growing. You can follow the same guidelines, but you'll need to factor in some flexibility. For example, a 60 lb child is close enough that a 5 lb weighted blanket might make the most sense if you can't find a 6 lb blanket. However, with the added information that your child is still growing, it might make sense to round up to an 8 lb or 10 lb blanket. This gives them room to grow into the blanket without adding too much weight. However, be sure you check in with your child once they snuggle under the blanket, just to be sure it's comfortable. Ask whether your kiddo feels like they're being crushed, and verify that they can breathe and move easily enough. They should feel gentle pressure rather than so much weight that they can't move. In general, we suggest rounding up rather than down when it comes to weight, but the ultimate question is always personal comfort. If your child feels like they can't move or breathe, you may want to exchange the blanket for a slightly lighter weight. 

Weighted Blanket Size

The next question is how big a blanket you should choose. A throw blanket is a great size for better versatility. If you want your kiddo to be able to use their weighted blanket at night, but also during the day for naps and anytime you travel, this will be a better option for the sake of portability. If your kiddo will only be using their weighted blanket at night and at home, you can shop by bed size, so look for a twin-bed weighted blanket, a double/full, or whatever size bed your child has. Please note that a weighted blanket isn't going to drape over the sides like a comforter or duvet. Weighted blankets are cut to fit the width and length of the mattress so that your kiddo can get the full benefits of the weight, rather than letting some of it hang over the sides of the bed where it is useless to the user. 

Weighted Blanket Covers 

The other big factor to consider is the covering. Weighted blanket covers are made to fit the size of the blanket, and to provide added comfort and protection. Since weighted blankets are so heavy, they can be harder to wash. Using a weighted blanket cover makes it easier to keep things clean and smelling fresh without putting all that heavy weight through your washer and dryer. Choose options like a plush minky weighted blanket cover to stay warm during the winter, or a bamboo cover to keep things cooler during the hot summer months. 

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